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Upcoming Events

  • 9-11, May
    38th Meeting of the Audit and Oversight Committee, WMO
  • 9-12, May
    Hydrological Coordination Panel - 4th Meeting, WMO
  • 20-24, June
    75th session of the Executive Council (EC-75) of WMO


  • RSMC-ASDF BEIJING monitors the strong North Africa sand and dust storm in Europe

    Affected by the cyclone in North Africa, a southeast gale of magnitude 5-6 occurred in northern Algeria at 6:00 on March 14 (UTC), with gusts of magnitude 9-10, accompanied by obvious sand blowing weather. The visibility decreased rapidly from about 10km to 5km. As the wind speed continued to increase, dust storms and strong dust storms occurred in northeastern Algeria at 12:00 (UTC), with a minimum visibility of only 200 meters. The dust has crossed the Mediterranean and affected Spain.

  • WMC-BJ provides monitoring services amidst tropical storms in Southwest Indian Ocean affecting Africa

    On February 16, tropical storm Dumako in Southwest Indian Ocean made landfall in eastern coastal region of Madagascar on February 15. Targeted at tropical storms frequently generated and affected Africa in Southwest Indian Ocean, CMA has continued to provide monitoring services.

  • Three Fengyun satellites officially recognized as on-duty satellites of CHARTER

    Recently, Three Fengyun meteorological satellites, FY-3D, FY-4A, and FY-2H, have officially become on-duty satellites of CHARTER. They have provided relevant data service and monitoring service products for countries and territories like Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi in January, 2022.

  • Regional WIGOS Centre Beijing is in official operation

    On December 17, the inaugural ceremony of Regional WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS), Beijing, was held in China Meteorological Administration (CMA). Mr. Zhuang Guangtai, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Permanent Representative of China with WMO, expressed that CMA would leverage Regional WIGOS Centre......